You cradle a guitar and start to play. And if it feels magical, and with every note, chord, phrase, your mind and soul are further drawn, opened. You lose yourself in its allure, and time goes by. You put it down, start to walk away, then turn around and pick it up again. Maybe, just maybe, you have discovered your voice.

This is the goal of an Azaret guitar–to discover your voice. And this voice also has a feel, a tactile sense on the fingers, and on your body. It’s the voice you will use to communicate the emotive force which lies within, through this wonderful sound we call music.

A guitar is like a person with whom we have a relationship. Admirable attributes come in many flavors, and different people like different things. As with people, a guitar may take a bit of time for mutual adjustment, but if it’s right for you, it will allow you to reach new heights which grow with time.

We could get very technical here and talk about loudness, sensitivity, dynamic range, projection, sustain, richness of voice, bass, midrange, treble, clarity, transient, evenness, discrimination, playability. All of these things are important in creating the highest of quality, but it is the balance between these which will result in a personal allure. Consider the case of two of the greatest guitarists of our time - Julian Bream and John Williams - artists of the highest caliber, lifelong friends and collaborators. Yet their preference of instruments evolved divergently; Bream preferring the traditional sound of Hauser, Rubio, Romanillos; while Williams preferring the bolder, crisper Ignacio Fleta guitars, and later the lattice braced Smallman guitars with an even bolder more radical departure from traditional voice pallets.

In Azaret guitars you will find a choice of traditions. Within each choice the highest possible attributes are sought with flawless workmanship, choice of materials, fine tuning, and consistency using traditional as well as modern scientific techniques.

Azaret guitars–discover your voice.