Lecture services

Lecture Services

For some years now I have been giving presentations which combine lutherie, the physics of acoustics, guitar music and tone production, and human perception.  I have given these talks solo or together with a classical guitarist.  In addition to my lutherie, I am also at adjunct professor of college physics and electrical engineering, and a dedicated amateur classical guitarist.  These presentations are intended to be very entertaining, educational, and fun.  They are multidimensional including presentations of partially built guitars, real-time viewing of sound waveforms and spectra during performance, vibrating string lab set-ups, guitar resonance patterns, and of course, beautiful music.  They open up people’s eyes to some of the mysteries of sound in music as generated by a string instruments.  The lecture can be tailored to fit a variety of audiences ranging from a general audience, to science or music students, or to serious classical guitar professionals and students.  The duration can be an hour, or two hours or more with appropriate breaks.  These talks have been provided to various universities, scientific institutions, and even at the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, PA. Inquiries for this service are welcome.

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